Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I've haven't been here for so long I've forgotten how. Everyday I think I should post and everyday I find some excuse not to. But I have to turn the page. Simon passed away a year ago and I've got to stop stressing about Joce and get on with life. I seem to have been in a state of apprehension. I've been making jewellery, knitting, reading, painting, I've even taught myself to crochet, but I don't seem to really be getting anywhere. My excuse is that I'm Liam's day time care giver or day mother.

So once again I've promised myself that I need to publish daily, even if its just a tiny post.

This jewellery was a commission. Penny brought me some beads she'd bought while she was working in China. The greenish blue stones have brown and/or black veins. I've no idea what they are. Penny had a look at my various designs and chose two complety different styles. I had to dig deep as all I had were the beads and the designs she liked. The beads are heavy so I could never have used them all in a single piece. To my surprise Penny liked both pieces and took them both, as well as asking for a bracelet to match Adoration.

Adoration bracelet

To me this necklace has a North African feel about it. I used the beads and incorporated some Egyptian Silver as well as a number of charms that I've had forever. I enjoyed making the pieces and was thrilled with the results. The fact that Penny liked them both was very rewarding.

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