Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Friday, October 12, 2012


My heads is always full of ideas. When I actually get down to blogging, all those wonderful things I was going to say disappear into the fog of my full brain. All I can do now is record what I've been making during September and October.


I know, a whole herd of bracelets. In the current economic climate, they are all that seem to sell. I comfort myself with the thought that having to create individual bracelets each time, is challenging my creativity. There are some amazing beads in this collection. I need to go bead trauling again, as my stock of special individual beads is running low. I bought a few glass fired beads recently which are locally made. They are beautiful but pricey and not everyone understands the quality or how special these hand made beads are.

This necklace was made to match the bracelet below (featured in an earlier blog). Matching sets are not always a given, as I have loads of beads and gemstones but seldom loads of the same. I was very pleased to be able to make a matching necklace and that it came out so well. The client was so pleased, which always makes my heart so happy.

Well time for bed now. I've been here for ages as it has been so slow. We're looking after Liam again tomorrow morning and I also want to get some reading in before I fall asleep. I'm busy with the last book in the series A Song Of Fire & Ice - A Game of Thrones by R R Martin. I'm loving my Kindle. It's the most useful item I've purchased in years. I've now discovered that I can lean the Kindle on the screen of the cardio apparatus at the gym. So now I can do my hours workout and read my book. WONDERFUL.


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