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Saturday, December 14, 2013

guilty again - maybe not

it's been hectic again. my mom took a turn for the worst due to a bladder infection. mom has been getting a bit forgetful and saying some odd things but as she's 81, we put it down to her age and the fact that she is quite the recluse. we have now ascertained that she has dementia. it explains a lot but it has been a bit of a traumatic time. my shoulders and neck are still stiff, must have really got myself into a tiss.

but i have been making stuff, as that keeps me sane.i do post pics more regularly on fb.

many views of the same wrap bracelet. made for an order in australia. not sure its what was expected. the order came about because of jocelynn's cream/white wrap bracelet. then it was suggested that the cream lace might not be such a good idea. couldn't seem to get anything else into my head. so we have lace, linen tape, silk cord, linen cord, a variety of glass, shell, pearls and semi precious beads. the bracelet was modeled by joce, love her tattoo but i'm too conservative to even try.

these beads were in my stash, i can't find glass beads like these easily anymore. so this short necklace is all about the beads.

this bracelet is because of the orange lady bird. i found her at a shop that stocks pearls and gemstones. when they are in china, they buy scoops of mixed glass beads. they have a bowl in the shop, i haven't been there for ages.
i made this bracelet for caron, as she liked the one that had sold. not quite what she was looking for when she tried it on. no worries, it's for sale. the large bead is acrylic and has a print insert. the beads are volcanic rock, glass, seeds and shells.

made because of more trawling in the white beads. one catches my eye and off we go. this one has small metal cameo inserts and a quartz top drilled teardrop bead.

a long opera length necklace, or a double string or a wrap bracelet. a mix of glass beads, quartz, ceramic beads, shell and buttons.

i take photos outside on the patio. i look after liam 2 mornings and 2 afternoons a week, as well as every second saturday morning and lots in between. liam had to model this piece, as he had seen his mom model earlier in the week. so dear!

an order for a black crochet cuff bracelet, with black, grey and silver bead work. i had to rush out and buy the black cotton crochet thread, as i had none. the customer was enthralled with the bracelet and left wearing it. such a sense of achievement when someone loves what one's made.

such fun. i crochet these in the evening in front of the tv. the beading also gets done at night. the buttons have been set in a miyuki mix, called lavender garden.

not something i made. i bought this from makkie (the artist and maker of this piece) a friend who also stocks some of my creations in her shop. she has managed to sell her business, so at least the shop won't be closing. i'm to meet the new owner in the new year. have to find out if she wants to stock my work and the percentage she will take on sales.

i love this necklace and had been eyeing it for a while. makkie says i love it as it's based on pieces of mine she has had in stock.

bye for now. household chores to do. how droll. but we have friends over for lunch on monday. must go to mom today and go to the nursery for some plants. need to spruce up the garden for christmas, as we will be having family over. my sister glynis and her hubby james, will be here from the 22nd to the 27th for the festive season. they'll be flying up from east london.

also got the christmas decorations to put up. busy! busy!

thanks for visiting. your comments are always appreciated.

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