Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Friday, August 22, 2014

to post on face book or blog

i am torn between the two. i have a dragon fodder page on my fb, i keep this up to date with the jewellery i make and don't seem to be able to make time for the blog as well. liam is now almost four and is in grade 000 at woodhill college, so actually i should have more time. but i've been crocheting, knitting, doing embroidery and drawing/paintiing.
time just goes by. i don't seem to have been doing so much but i'm always busy, never bored. it's been a tough winter, i've had bronchitis about every six weeks. hopefully with spring almost here, things will get better.

we had to move mom from her cotttage to frail care at the beginning of this year. mom has dementia and is no longer able to care for herself. she has become very frail. while clearing out the cottage, i found a box of buttons that mom had been collecting for who knows how long. i made a wrap bracelet for myself and Lindy using some of the buttons. i'm sure i posted a pic of mine earlier.
i've started going to a drawing workshop once a month.i haven't drawn for decades and this is something on my bucket list. it's a lot more difficult than i anticipated.
we hardly entertain any more. this table was set for a sunday lunch with family and friends. had to take a pic of the turquoise.
liam finding easter eggs hidden in the gardren.
bevan, claire and i went to the neighgoods market early one saturday moring.
instead of drawing i decided to paint in acrylic for this life drawing workshop. my avatar.
bevan did a swap, one of my blankets for a display for my jewellery. i don't have a pic of the blanket but claire took it over and bevan needed another one. it had to be big enough to cover all 2 meters of him. i went for chunky yarn to get it done quicker. beautiful large granny square blanket spread out on one of the old beds we inherited from richard's aunt.
ice in the garden bird bath on a chilly july morning. liam is holding up the chunk of ice.
another new hobby. polymer clay. makkie a young friend spent the morning and gave me a quick lesson in the basics. the above bird was made by makkie and i put the pendant together.
this is my attempt at a bird.
ethiopian silver and faceted glass bead earrings.
more polymer clay birds, one on top of the other nestled on a polymer clay bead.
ethiopian silver, fresh water pearls and ceramic leaf briolettes from lima beads.
green glass discs and faceted brown glass earrings.
more ethiopian silver, matched up with howlite discs and old ivory beads from a broken necklace.
newspaper print in a resin bead with hollow metal saucer beads.
coloured zulu teething beads, bone, paper, clay, trade and ceramic beads.
zulu teething beads, clay, paper and ethiopian silver.

large pottery and acrylic carved beads strung on leather cord.

i'm finding it increasingly difficult to find beads etc in pretoria. even jo'burg no longer has much of a variety. i've been importing from the usa recently, but with the exchange rate its a killer.

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  1. Love the post, always worth the wait, Jennifer :) Isn't polymer clay a great medium?