Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


As usual time gets away from me.

These are necklaces I made in September last year.

My polymer clay discs and various other ceramic and trade beads.
 Two birds and a special bead.
 A mix with an african feel.
The metal donuts are made by my son Bevan from recycled aluminium, the tube shaped beads are mine and made from polymer clay.
 This took me forever, clay and wood beads.
 Paper beads, zulu teething beads and glass leaf like beads.
 A little crochet bag, my polymer clay bird, and a mix of glass, wood and ceramic beads.

Bracelets featuring clay beads. 

There always seems to be a demand for bracelets, so I keep making.

 My hand wired hook.

 Another hand wired hook.
 Hand wired and beaded hook and eye.

 I tried my hand at making my own hooks.

 Some more of my own hooks.

And now creations from 2015.
A mix of pale blues and yellows for this pretty necklace.

Bright pinks, greens and silver metal leaves.

More bracelets in an effort to keep up with the demand.

Bead wiring in front of the tv.

A friend has asked me to update, remake some of her jewellery. The 3 below are the beginning of this exercise.

African amber and paper beads from Botswana.

More paper beads from Botswana, mixed with Czech glass.

My sister wanted to learn how to wire beads together. While helping her I made this rosary.

Once again, trying to keep up the bracelet demand.

A necklace that started with odds left in a bowl from previous creations.

I love these tiny striped glass seed beads.

A necklace created for the ceramic bird pendant.

I never know what to do with donut beads, but this has been a successful creation.

My friends crackled crystal rounds have been combined with cream wood beads on memory wire.

A beautiful Gaea bird pendant, stung with some of her beads, glass pony and wood beads.

Another complete remake for my friend. A wrap necklace using a lot of her stones and quite a lot of mine. The cameo is hers and can be attached to this and other necklaces.

Playing with a tube of mixed seed beads, all threaded on memory wire.

A many faceted long necklace, using a beautiful pendant bought from Lima Beads artisans section.

These crochet beads have been hanging around for awhile. I've mixed them with wood and a cord, I'm loving wearing it.

Another creation using a flower donut this time. It also has one of my early attempts at a tassel.

A mix of beautiful pale turquoise and yellow beads, with seed bead wire rounds that I hand wired.

Clear glass nuggets, pale blue ceramic beads and chain make up this classic peace.

The African in me has come out in this necklace. Real turquoise, bone, wood, hand made African glass beads, which have been hand painted. Ceramic tubes, African glass teardrops and stained volcanic rock. The white stone pendant is a recent purchase, I have no idea what stone it is.

And more bracelets, I can hardly keep up.

This I made just for me. Paper beads from Botswana, wood beads, hand made glass beads, African amber and a big ceramic bead.

And another bracelet.


  1. Wow, have you been busy! I am intrigued by the rosary as I had never thought of using mixed beads instead of matching. Awesome1

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