Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Sunday, October 16, 2011


For Carina: carnelian, turquoise, metal beads & spacers on elastic.
I'm going to carry on from the last post and show photos of the jewellery I've made lately, as well as other photos and snippets that run through my head.

Well, for me inserting images is still very slow. So slow that I'm put off posting on the blog and FB is really no better. As I'm not all that computer literate, I don't know if its our bandwidth or the size of the photos.

I've been pretty busy. I'm trying to get some sort of order into my life, not boring and everyday the same thing. But at least some sort of organization. I seem to have been at sea since the burnout in July 2009. Can't believe that it is taking me so long to get back to normal, although what is normal? I'm not even sure anymore. We have been through a difficult time, burnout, my forced early retirement, Joce being pregnant (great news), Simon's illness, Liams birth, then Simon's death, Richard's forced early retirement, being Liam's day Mom and just trying to help Joce cope with her grief and get on with life. Believe me, it's not been easy.Some days I just want to escape it all. But I can't, giving in is not right. There seems to be so much unhappiness and natural disastors and tragedy in the world. My little world has been bad enough. The natural disastors/tragedies and wars in the world can really make one wonder what it's all about.

I recently bought a Bead Smith 3mm letter & number punch set. As you can see from the pic, punching the letters onto the dog tags was a lot harder than I anticipated. I have no idea what the metal is, but it is thin and damn hard. I then punched into a pendant Bevan made from recycled aluminium and that was a lot easier, still higgeldy piggeldy though. Just have to learn how to line up the letters. I feel I should get a decent sized sheet of silver and practice. Now to find out where to buy the silver metal sheet, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

A cheerful selection of red glass beads, clear glass nuggets and metal charms. Snapped up by Lin.

Bezel of a Sam Toft picture in resin (made by me), ceramic beads, pearls, coral, seed discs, citrine and guaze ribbon.  

Watch bezel purchased from Beads Direct, ceramic focal and other ceramic beads, seed beads & metal chain, spacers and bead caps.

Neither of the above necklaces have been put on the market. The Sam Toft pendant has some resin which I can't get off the back. I don't like to sell something with what I see as a fault. The watch bezel necklace I love and keep wearing. More later today hopefully.

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