Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Friday, July 22, 2011


Today it's a month since Si left.

Time waits for no one. Life goes on.

We had a hectic day yesterday. At 09h00, we had to meet the chap installing the alarm at Joce's home, as well as the chap for the quote on the blinds for the bedrooms and flooring. Then off to Parkview for breakfast and a visit to the bank to sort out some matters. Then off to SARS, as they were suddenly querying a 2005 tax return. Joce was in the queue for an hour but got sorted. By now it was about 13h00. I still had to get to House of Beads, to have a look at a metal stamping set that they were going to order me. We had Liam with us and he needed to have his lunch. We went to Pure for a light lunch and fed Liam. I wish I'd taken some pics at Pure. 

We got to House of Beads at about 14h30 and then we had fun. The metal stamping set was just what I wanted, so that's on order. I bought the hammer in the meanwhile and the block they assured me I could get just about anywhere. I'll have to chat to Bev and also about what gauge metal to buy and where.

House of Beads info@originalbeads.co.za now have a studio where they give lessons and a gallery for the work done. I think the works on display are mainly creations by Louise van Stade. Joce and I just have to have some of the creations.

We didn't get a chance to chat to Rina, as she was giving a class. I wanted to find out more about the pieces we purchased and any stories behind their creation.

This one is a bezel, with I think a polymer clay insert depicting the sun.
This is also a bezel, with what I think is a resin picture set in a metal oval as well as a metal charm. I think these are also set in polymer clay, but I'm really not sure as the surface is not very smooth.
This is the dearest brooch. What a happy Buddha. Brass, base metal, a watch casing? and a polymer clay face?
Joce absolutely adored this pendant. It's an angel with the most beautiful buttocks. I never took a photo of the back today, but will soon. The angel is quite light in weight but I don't think it's aluminium, perhaps pewter?

We'll find out more when I go to get my stamp set.

Louise van Stade is featured in "the Bead Book" issue 31. www.beadbook.net.

Joce is going back to her business on the 26th. She felt she had neglected her business while Si was ill and she had Liam. She went and stocked up and is all set to start afresh. She's such a brave and dedicated person. She loves her business and I believe, although there is trepidation regarding the questions she will get about Simon and the sympathy, she is quite excited to get back out there. I'm sure she is going to do just great.

I decided to get to know my camera a bit better today. Of course not from the manual! I decided I needed to take some photos of myself. They were such a disaster, that I've deleted them all. Never knew I was so un-photogenic. I was trying to take photos in the study before 10h00 today and with the sun streaming in. It was probably not the right light to work in anyway. Hence, even the pics of the House of Beads purchases are not so good.

I've bought quite a lot of stock lately and my fingers are itching to get back to the beads and wire. I think I might move Liam's cot to Joce's room for the day tomorrow and try and make something. I also need to back away my purchases.

Hopefully I'll be back soon. Lots of "I's" in this ramble. Am I getting my spirit back?

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  1. Hey Ma
    Photo's look good, wish you posted one of the dragon herself lol...
    You're sounding a bit more cheerful too and thats good.
    Now get beading, enough collecting etc and do it.
    Have you checked your email?