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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have no routine, no two days are alike, nor do I particularly like routine. It can become so boring doing the same thing, at the same time of each day. Joce is doing well and Liam is over his latest teething and rash.
Here's some jewellery I've recently made.

This necklace was made using one of the pendants bought from House of Beads. I used silver and brass metal chain, ceramic and glass beads.
Lindy, my sister gave me 3 strings of lovely shell beads for my birthday. When I have new beads, I'm not always immediately inspired. But I had to use the beads, so I made myself two pairs of earrings using the larger shell beads on silver plated earring hooks. I've showed the opposite side of each pair.

These I made for fun. I've had the porcelain fish for ever. The purchase of the palm tree charms was Joce's idea and the middle set I'd made before and given the earrings away as a gift.
As this design is much admired, I decided to make another one, using another different colourway. The first one was in blues and sat on the shelf for ages. Then I got an order for one in lilacs. This one looks lovely on. Subsequent to taking the pic, I added an extension chain, it gives one a choice of lengths.

I spied the yellow focal bead in one of those mixed packs from Beads Direct. I've teamed it with clear seed beads, a variety of glass beads and a lock and key pendant.

These pics have taken absolutely ages to insert. I have to find a way of speeding things up. I feel lessons on photo shop and around blogging, would help but have no idea where to go.

I've made up the orders for troll bead bracelets and have a strung button necklace to get completed, then I can get back to my designs.

The six polymer clay troll bead bracelets.

A close up of the stunning colours and patterns of the polymer clay troll beads.

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