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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Joce has been asking me for ages to make bracelets that are not too elaborate on beading elastic. As I started out making elastic bracelets, I haven't been keen to do them. But, I have quite a lot of blingly lampwork glass beads and decided to make a serious of bracelets using these beads. The are for sale at R50 each. I called the range Venezia.                       
I love to buy mixed packets of glass beads. It's like a lucky packet. I find that the mixed packets that I buy from Beads Direct, always have two or three of these beads in the pack. I don't see them in other bead shops anymore, so perhaps they are not popular or too expensive to import and Beads Direct are just using up old stock. Anyway the, what I call lucky packets, are great fun. One gets some duds and some stunning and interesting beads in these packs.
These bracelets, went to work with Joce on Saturday the 27th. Plus there bracelet stock already at the salon, but nothing on elastic. Joce and I decided to cost these bracelets at R50 each. The other bracelets are R150 or R250. We were sure the R50 bracelets would go like hot cakes. To our surprise, not one sold. Joce did however sell R1,050 of the other bracelets. One in particular had been in stock for ages and I thought it would never sell. The last of these Venezia bracelets pictured here I've decided to keep for myself as it goes so well with so much. 
I've been working with the pendants that I bought at House of Beads, some time ago now. I've made necklaces with two of them and to the brooch, I've added the option of a clasp, so it can be worn on a chain or ribbon.

Liam has just woken from his morning sleep. He's not being well, he's teething and not having a good time.

More, hopefully tomorrow and I can record what I've done with the pendants. I've also got some repairs to do. And loads of ideas in my head.

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