Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Creativity feeds the soul. One can feel this while one is being creative. One's mind switches off from all the stresses and stains of everyday life. I find even making the simplest of pieces relaxing and comforting.

These bracelets below are made from clay beads, wood beads, hand made and painted African Trade beads, with rhodinite charms and spacers. They are simply strung on beading elastic and have an ethnic look and feel to them. They also weigh nothing. I can happily wear all of them, not at once, although I could. I've kept one or two for myself purely because they go with so much and are great for casual wear. They don't get in the way. I named the range Mali and they sell for R100 each. (Excluding packing and postage).




Ione, a very dear and old friend of mine seldom wears costume jewellery. I always feel so bad as I make so many pieces but know that they really aren't her scene. I'd taken quite a lot of my jewellery with me on holiday. Mainly because I love wearing my jewellery but also as I wanted to show my sister Glynis what I'd been making. She's been a great supporter. Ione and her Mom dad a look at what I'd made but didn't comment much.
Ione and Norbert slept over on their way back from Germany to Port Elizabeth. I decided she had to have something I'd made and as we'd spent some time with Ione's parents in Kenton one weekend, I decided that Ione's also had to have something. I'm under that Uthene is more adventurous than Ione, below are earrings for Ione and a necklace for Uthene.
Ione's Earring's - sterling silver hooks, crystal briolettes and stick pearls.

Uthene's necklace - a resin pendant, glass beads and African Zulu teething beads.


I seem to have bracelet mania at present. Although, I must admit they sell and I also love bracelets. I've always worn plenty. The button bracelet, named Giggles went immediately for R150. The buttons are larger than I've used before. I tried to use "beigy" buttons with writing on. Hence the giggle button and the one with a dragonfly. The blues bracelet came about because of the cone shaped blue bead. The other beads in the bracelet blend in and the discs are from a disadvantaged community upliftment project. "New trolls", is a twist on the usual use of troll or Pandora beads.

Giggles - SOLD


New trolls
I've keep so many pieces myself and sometimes, if I love something about a piece but am not wearing it much or ever, then it's time for re-cycling. This beautiful silver butterfly was bought from a store long since closed.

The original

Re-mix the updated version

When I'm scratching through my stash or tidying up, I pick out beads and other things. e.g. when we were away in November last year, Jocelynn picked up an old Saint Christopher charm. I added other pieces to the treasure jumble, a key, I'm partial to keys, (I bought a whole lot in Port Elizabeth one year) and a watch. I had to take in three necklaces with watches in recently to have new batteries put in. The storekeeper never said anything about the watch necklaces but I could just see she was dying to say something, either she was shy or just courteous.

Here are some earrings, just to prove that I make more than necklaces and bracelets. Earrings don't sell well, even though I have now started making them with sterling silver ear hooks. Most are fun and some are serious.

More soon and a bit on my latest craze.

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  1. I love all these pieces! Those carved beads are beautiful. Are these mostly produced by local artisans? Do you make any beads yourself? I am curious about the Zulu teething beads you mentioned here and in previous posts... how do they come about such a strange name?

    Enjoying your post from Canada.