Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well, once again it's days and days since I've been here. I'm busy creating, reading and doing all those other things. Time or the lack thereof is my mantra.

I've made quite a bit of new jewellery.
My Garden

Claire's street wise bracelet

My charm bracelet insprired by the buddha

Little bird, one of my first ice resin pendants

Inspired by the sea

These are all fairly recent, with the button bracelet being part of Claire's 30th birthday present. I've used buttons like this before in a necklace but my memory got jogged by "street-chic jewellery" by Susie Johns. The bracelet with the bird pendant sold the day it went into stock. I'd made the ice resin pendant myself and it was one of my first attempts and is double sided. Don't know why I didn't take a photo of the other side.

I like to think, I do quite a lot of research. Mainly for ideas and also to see what's happening out there. I still find what's published in RSA a bit droll. I wish I could find more artisans in this country who made beads, pendants and charms. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

I love knitting and have managed to finish both Joce and Claire's jerseys that I started last winter. They got their jerseys in about March. Claire modelled hers for me, but Joce said she could not bear to put the jersey on in the heat we were still experiencing in March. I also managed to knit three jerseys for Liam. Not one the same size and generally all on the big side but Joce was very happy with them and Liam was warm.

Claire in her jersey

One of Liam's jerseys.

I also managed to finish a cardigan for myself, I forgot to make the button hole so I had to make a brooch to hold the jersey closed. No photo of the jersey yet just the brooch.

The brooch for my cardigan
I also purshased "Bohemian - insprired jewelry" by Lorelei Eurto & Erin Siegel. The piece below, although nothing like the pieces in the book, was inspired by the book.

Inspired by "Bohemian-inspired jewelry."

I don't, I think, have a parlicular style. Probably because I'm a self taught jewellery designer who hasn't found a particular style. It makes me happy when people buy pieces so I'm inclined to make more of what sells than anything else. Here's some more and most cerainly not all I've been doing.

The Blues

Be Yourself for Caron

Reminds me of caviar - no idea why

One big beautiful bead


Another little bird

For Fun


I think that's enough for today or who knows when I'll be back.

I still have to record my current craze.

Going to cook a meal for supper out of "falling cloudberries" by Tessa Kiros. The most beautiful book, I have two others of her's. Wonderful stories and pics and the recipes are easy and fun.

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