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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Why blog?
Reason - "why something happens, or why someone does something."
Motivation - "eagerness and willingness to do something without needing to be told or forced to do it. the reason why you want to do something."
Objective - "based on facts, or making a decision that is based on facts rather than on your feelings or beliefs."

I started reading blogs, probably in about 2007. I wasn't sure what blogs to go on and found a lot of them rather boring.

As my interest in beads and jewellery components grew, I started to look for blogs and websites on hand made and ethnic jewellery.

I now have favourite sites I visit for various reasons.

As the amount of jewellery I made grew I realised I needed a market. I didn't want to go into the traditional retail market, as I wanted my jewellery making to remain flexible. I never make exactly the same item twice, either, all pieces are once offs.

So I decided that having one's own blog was a good way to advertise. Mmmmm... I have 8 followers... So I blog to keep a record????????

Zelyne contacted me one evening and said she needed something for her heart. I made three different necklaces incorporating Rose Quartz and Amazonite. These were then presented to Zelyne who then chose one with some changes. The necklace is made of different layers using chain, charms and strung sections of Rose Quartz and Amazonite. It was difficult to present the piece in a photograph. Maybe Zelyne will model it for us one day.
For Zelyne - ORDER
This necklace has one of my first ice resin pendants in it. The picture is wary and brooding. I haven't marketed this piece as it often matches my mood.
Bevan was at the Boere Mark one morning and brought me a few old pieces. Amongst them was this old Saint Christopher coin.
Time Travel
The is quite a demand for more feminine pieces. This was made with with glass pearls, shell flowers, opaque glass beads and silver metal charms and chain. It sold on first display. A matching pendant was also ordered by the same client.

White Garden - SOLD
Eastern Promise was made using turquoise, shell, glass pearls, bone beads, brass charms and chain.

Eastern Promise
This pendant has wire set in glass. The pendant is made by Martini Art & Design martiniglass@vodamail.co.za. The glass discs are from The House of Beads and were from a community project assisting the disadvantaged. I used gunmetal and brass chain.

I love this bracelet and should probably keep it for myself. So much of this piece comes from old broken jewellery. To me a piece made from old jewellery is so special. Who knows the history it carries.
This piece is based on a design seen in Easy Beading Vol 6. The designs all come from BeadStyle magazine. Another feminine piece that I thought would sell quickly.

Another of my ice resin pendants. This was made with such care and forethought.

An ice resin pendant made at the same time as Peace above. Also made with a lot of forethought and scratching through my bead and semi precious stone stock. This sold the day it went on sale.

Joy - SOLD
Mmmmm! I've made a similar design before and to me the other one was better or appealed to me more. But I love the mother of pearl disc and the tree of life charm poke to me. This sold very quickly. So it appealed to someone.
Life - SOLD
I found this pewter heart tile at Jimnettes mosaic department. Sometimes a piece takes days to evolve. Rich drilled holes into the tile for me. The little red glass studded heart attached to the tile cost me a lot more than I wanted to spend, but for me it finished off the piece. It's actually a charm from a range of Pandora lookalikes.

I've been collecting these beads for ages. Every time I buy a mixed box from Beads Direct I get a few of these beads in the mix. I love buying mixed bags of beads. You get some rubbish or unwanted beads but it's like a lucky packet, you get some treasures. Each of these is wired with a head pin with some needing seed beads. At first I attached them to every link but the effect was spoilt as you couldn't see the individual beads. I had to remove them all and start again. Time consuming but worthwhile in the end.

These clay beads have been around for a while. I bought about six strings of multi coloured clay beads from Beads Direct a while ago. If I don't concentrate on a particular theme then the Africa in me comes out.

I'd made Claire a bracelet like this. Her aunt saw it and ordered three for her granddaughters. I had to go out and buy mixes of buttons as I didn't have enough in pinks and blues. I made these happily but they are time consuming. Each button is wired and then attached to the chain with a jump ring. The are about 36 buttons in each bracelet. The result is so rewarding and they jingle softly. I hope the girls enjoy and love them.
Street Chic - For Margaret - ORDER
Street Chic - For Margaret - ORDER
Street Chic - For Margaret - ORDER
Some of these beads are from my lucky packet stash. To me they are so special. Like little works of art.

Well, there's loads more to show and say but let me get this published. You'll note there are some glitches in the type face but I'm publishing anyway.

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