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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Where does the time go. Last here the day before our 37th wedding anniversary.

I'm mad at the moment, so many irons in the fire. I'm still Liams day mother most days. I'm beading, crocheting, gardening, doing paper things, sewing and painting. Never quite sure what to pick up or put down. That is except for Liam, he always comes first.

The Figtree market happened. We were successful enough, more sales would have been great but we were testing the water and hadn't advertised much. We were terrified we'd be swamped. We weren't but it was still hectec at times.

I see I don't have any pics of the displays on the patio or of the garden, Bev has those. I'll get some and post at a later date.

Aside from a bit of a slow down over the festive season, I've been making jewellery constantly.

Still on the bracelet binge. They are fun to make, as I can still get the beads to tell the storey I want.

I love these two and have not been able to put them on sale. I wear them together, they have bits from old jewellery of mine and I'm concerned they won't be loved, CRAZY.

Creations with my ice resin pendants. The pendants are double sided.

I do still make necklaces. I love beads. On the off chance that I'd find some stones I could afford, I went into Moonfull Crystals www.moonfull-crystals.co.za and to my delight they had a big bowl of mixed beads. I've scratched in it twice. I just love buying loose beads. The square bead in the blue and green necklace is one of the beads I found. Nothing spectacular, but I love the necklace it makes me smile.

to match the ice resin pendant i made

I can never be accused of favouring a colour or bead or gemstone. From the above you can see I did a serious scratch in the stash. Love it and all four sold like hot cakes.

I'm not posting in any particular order, as after more than four months, who knows what happened when. I know I always say this but maybe now that Liam is getting older, 2 and a half now, I'll have a bitty more time.

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  1. Welcome back to the blogging world, and it's so nice to see all your beautiful creations. I liked your comment about bracelets telling a story. I too have found them my preferred type of jewellery (which is strange as I seldom wear them). Must be akin to writing short stories as opposed to novels; every word (bead) must be carefully chosen and not just filler.