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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Monday, March 18, 2013


MONDAAAAY: At least I don't have to climb in my car and drive to Johannesburg and the office. The mundane is boring so it's never discussed on a blog. Who wants to know about the boring and chore filled parts of ones life.

So here are some things that don't involve the washing and ironing, the cleaning of bathrooms (yuk) and vacuuming.

Saturday a good customer and now a friend, Zelyne, came to choose beads for a "special bead bracelet". My bracelet is made of some beads purchased on holiday last year in Port Elizabeth and East London, as well as some old treasures. Zelyne who is super tidy and organised, said she didn't keep anything, that she didn't use or wear, so she doubted she had anything to add to her bracelet, but was more than happy to scratch in my stash. Zelyne chose so many beads, we decided that perhaps she needed a short necklace. She brought a pair of earrings that she'd got in Bogatar and never wore. I worked on the bracelet from about 12h00 to 18h00. I'd used all the beads Zelyne had chosen and we'd need about another 54. So I decided to weigh the necklace and concluded that the 350g would be too heavy to wear, especially if we still had to add beads. Each bead is individually wired and then attached to the chain with a jump ring, which also adds to the weight. So new chain was chosen and I started again with the bracelet.

The first pic above, is my bracelet, the next two are Zelyne's and include her earrings broken up, the large lilac stones are from her earrings.

Zelyne has come to collect her bracelet and is pleased with the way it turned out.

Sunday morning Rich and I went to a local Antiques and Art Market. Lovely setting on a smallholding. The vendors stands were set amongst the thorn trees and some old outbuildings. I purchased a book and Rich two old metal plates for one of his aviaries.

I've started reading the book (bought at the Klip Klap market www.klipklap.co.za), heavy going but still intriguing. I find it interesting to know where old beads come from. Especially beads that are referred to as "trade beads". As they often come from North Africa, I automatically assumed that that is where they were made, but as they are trade beads, they more often than not have landed there from some other place in the world, so fascinating.

Grrrr, I'm not getting to paint. I've got two pictures on the go. The one was on the 99 and I decided to outline what was on the woman's head in black. MISTAKE. So now I need to go over it to hide the black outline. Thank heavens I'm working in acrylic. The other one with the birds has a way to go to completion. Both pictures are "my" copies of work done by Julia Cairns. Nowhere near as good, but at least I feel I'm capturing the essence of the stories.

Below are bracelets started on Thursday or Friday, I can't remember because of the work and concentration on Zelyne's bracelet. Anyway they were completed yesterday.


Isn't it queer how the head/hands get stuck on a colour, two lilac bracelets without being conscious of it until I lay them out to be photographed.
I've just finished reading the Fall of Giants (Century Trilogy 1) by Ken Follett. It ended suddenly for me. Perhaps there is another trilogy. I'll have to check out Amazon. I've also completed A Song of Ice and Fire - A Game of Thrones, volumes 1 to 5 by George R R Martin. Can't wait for book 6.


Roses in demand.

11h00 now, must go, have started Emperor - The Gates of Rome by Conn Iggulden. Never read anything of his before but the start is promising. I have to try and read a bit before going to sleep. I actually started reading while waiting for the pics to post. Band width or whatever not great here today.

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  1. You are very busy with so many endeavors! I haven't got a lot of jewellery made recently, in part due to health problems in the family, but I do enjoy seeing what everyone is creating. I especially love your purple bracelets.

    I notice purple much more these days, as I am starting to make "purple earrings" for an acquaintance who is fundraising for Alzheimers (her sister having died of it quite recently). I am pleased as it is giving me a much needed boost of inspiration. Hope all continues to be well with your family!