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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well I haven't been here for ages and this is purely because the wheels came off. I was last on my blog on the 30th of March. At that stage things had gone too awry. So much seems to have happened. We were due to go to Rochelle and Neil's wedding on the 9th of April. We were due to fly the 8th this was then changed to the 9th, as Rich had a course to attend which ended on the 8th. Getting organised for the wedding wasn't too bad. I managed to find an outfit and make a necklace. I wasn't that happy with what the necklace looked like with the outfit but I was determined not to start fiddling. The top was a bit busy for the busy necklace.

Rose Wine
We arrived in East London on Saturday the 9th at about 11h30. Bevan and Claire fetched us at the airport and we went to our self catering house in Cintsa East. The accommodation was lovely and comfortable and the view from the upstairs patio great. The wedding was fun, we got to see old friends. The bride and groom look beautiful and fun was had by all. Sunday we chilled in the early morning and then we went to Glynis & James's new home for a visit. We always find that the parents are so busy that one doesn't get a chance to have a good chat.  Rochelle and Neil were only leaving on honeymoon to Zanzibar on the Monday, so we got to see them as well.

James took us back to house in the evening, as Bevan & Claire took the hired car to the airport with them.

The view

Monday, Rich and I chilled, then we walked down to the village for lunch. We had a fishy meal in a quaint restaurant and then strolled back up the hill to the house.

Tuesday Glynis was to collect us at about 11h00 and we were to spend the rest of the week with them. Unfortunately, Simon become very ill and had to be hospitalised. I've never mentioned before that Simon, Joce's husband was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in June 2010. Stage 4 cancer, as we soon learnt, is very serious. Simon had immediately started "chemo" treatment and things seemed to be going well, until he developed an allergy to the one drug, The long and short of it, is that Simon is as good as back to square one and had to start radiation treatment immediately.

With Simon having to go into hospital, Joce needed  us near and we caught a flight back to Pretoria Wednesday morning the 13th. Glynis and I managed to have a nice chat on Tuesday afternoon and Rich and James managed to get some fishing done. Glyn and James made us a lovely supper and we watched some of James's music DVD's.

I don't do stress well. That is, no one really knows I'm stressing, as I manage to appear organised and in control. What's happening inside is scary. Joce and Liam moved in with us, as it was just easier for all. Of course Rebecca (the pug) and Phoebe (the Pekinese) came to stay as well. Rebecca and Phoebe were the children before the arrival of Liam, so they are both rather indulged. Phoebe unfortunaly broke her back two years ago and has not walked since, she is a little more challenging to cope with. Rebecca wants to chase our cat Basil every time she sees him, so things can get crazy.



The beautiful Basil

Liam, 8 months old and VERY busy

On Wednesday the 4th of May, Rich went in for exploratory surgery on his knees. They needed to check if their diagnosis of osteo arthritis was correct and also do a clean up. The surgery went well and Rich came home on the Thursday. He was doing well, then started to feel really poorly and had severe stomach cramps and was extremely listless. He spent from Saturday lunchtime to Tuesday night, man down. He was allergic to one of the pain killers and had to just get it out his system.

Nowadays I don't do so much action very well..... I haven't checked this post as I need to go and do urgent chores, more soon.....

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