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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've decided that there are loads of people out there worse off than me. So instead of moaning about how tough things are. I'm to reflect on just how lucky I am. I have a husband who loves me, a roof over my head that is 100% ours (no debt). We live on 1,000 square metres of property and have a 240 square meters of home. More than enough for two souls. We have two beautiful individuals for children, with wonderful spouses. We have the most adorable grandson. So much to be happy about and grateful for.                                               
This is a seriously old armchair, it's old and tatty but has done the rounds since first purchased. It's been reupholstered (years ago). It lived in Jocelyn's home until she could afford her own furniture, then went to Bevan's home for a while. It's now back with us and I've placed it at the door to the patio in the dining room. I turn it to face the garden, sit down with a cup of cappuchino and read my book. I get filtered winter sunlight, pure bliss. Get a happiness fix. You're more in control of your happiness than you think. Happiness is its own reward - it feels good- but it has another benefit: it's great for your health. In the rush of the day, pockets of peace may seem impossible to find. But allowing yourself time to kick back and relish what's good in your life, even for 10 minutes, while you have cuppa, will help you to feel happier and less harried. A TIP: Try writing down in a notebook at the end of everyday the things that went well and whom to thank for your good fortune. After about 2 to 3 months you will feel better about life and much more optimistic.

In southern Africa it's now late Autumn or early Winter. Our night or early morning temperatures are about 9 degrees Celsius and our daytime between 18 and 21. So we don't have too much to complain about, as our winter is at the most 4 months long. So the leafless tree is a pleasure, as it lets the mild sun through. The aloes start flowering and we have ripe lemons. Even winter's dull colours can be beautiful, if one takes the time to appreciate it.

Joce and Simon are still staying with us. Simon seems to be getting stronger everyday, although he is still very thin. Joce and Si went for a walk today with Liam. It was such a joy to see him walking instead of lying prone on the sofa or with his hand in his arms on the table on the patio.

I'm dying to do my own thing. I miss beading and gardening, but all in good time. At least I've made time to blog a bit. Now I must have a go at my e-mails. I'm not fond of e-mails and probably also the messages left on my mobile. I believe it is still a hangover from my burnout.

Don't we all wish for the Simple Life ??????
Lemons !!!!!!
Dream !!!
If you've visited, thanks so much. I'd love comments.

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