Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am most certainly the Queen of "Faff" and procrastination. I can get so side tracked. For example I go into the living room to straighten and before I realize it I'm picking flowers for a vase or moving things around. I've completely forgotten that I wanted to just quickly sort the living room before I do the kitchen or whatever I actually have planned. I still find that my blog and all the others I enjoy following, take up a chunk of my day.

Bevan has got me reading Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. I know I'm not like him, but he has a lot of valid points, the hugest being that we can't ignore social media.

I was on the blog, Robin and the Sage and was reading how she was feeling uninspired and showed us pics of her VERY tidy and organised studio. The light was all soft and mellow, nothing like the light we have here in South Africa. Harsh and bright. It's also going to be 30 degrees C today.

So here are some pics of the bright studio, which is not so tidy. The room is not very big and storage of the beads presented a bit of a problem. I resorted to plastic boxes in stackable baskets. One basket for gemstones and pearls, one for glass beads, one for all the metal components and one for the bigger boxes of seed beads. It works okay, but every  now and again I have to go through the beads, just to remind myself what I have. When I'm seated at the beading table the beads are on either side of me. Not ideal but it works okay for now.

Relaxation area

Sewing table

Beading table

Basket storage

View out the window

More storage

I'm on the knitting stint now. I've finished the back of Claire's jersey and want to finish the back of Joce's in the next day or two.

I'm also busy filling the bezels I bought the other day. Bevan said he was going to attempt some bezels, which he'll make from recycled aluminium.

Filling bezels

I've managed at last to finish The Winner Stands Alone. Still found the book disappointing. I've now started Step on a Crack by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. I've no idea where a got the book from, maybe the second hand book store at Glenhaven Retirement Village where Mom stays. Just started, so its early days still to decide what I think of it. I also started the book at 12h00 last night, so I don't know how much I absorbed.

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  1. Hi, your beading area looks much tidier than mine :-)
    Deb x