Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Monday, November 25, 2013


we had a busy day yesterday. still sorting out the study and guest room. final touches, i'd washed all the curtains and they needed to be rehung and richard was busy with wiring and plugs points in both rooms. did some quite beading in the evening.

i'm sure i've mentioned many times that i find beading calming.i didn't want to do anything too demanding. this is the result. i searched out small colourful beads and some charms. i made my own chain by linking the half circle charms. i'd made a similar piece some time ago, my mother in law purchased it from joce's salon and mith wears it regularly. says it goes with so much.

this was the one mith has. a heart theme and more pastels.

i started on another necklace but it drove me crazy, i don't have the beads for my idea. so some tweaking will have to happen.

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