Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Sunday, November 17, 2013

catching up

this morning we had to empty our study in preparation for the carpeting to be replaced with wooden flooring. so exciting but a huge spring clean evolved. anyway we ready for monday and tuesday they do the guest room. at least these's no major work to be done as i keep it clear for visitors.

pics i'm publishing are not of jewellery made in the last week but what has been made over the months i wasn't here.

 i'm struggling with my tablet.i spent hours yesterday afternoon trying to download from my samsung tablet to my acer pc. i followed all the online instructions but the two just won't connect.

i made this bracelet with my daughter in mind. i wanted it to look as if it had been made from old long lost pieces. funny enough a lot of the glass beads and buttons are old.

a wooden button i love and could never decide what to do with. so, the button, sea glass, purple dyed shell and red glass all wired together.

another unusual button. old lamp work glass beads, clear seed beads and various white glass beads. the quaintest castle charm.

bevan is a full time artist now. this is an aluminium origami bird sculpture at an exhibition. they are white coated. the exhibition for various artists was "pulp" and the rest was left to the artists.

a pattern for a floor cushion which i haven't got to crochet yet.

the start of a large afghan.

millefiori discs make a simple 60's style necklace. this comes with matching earrings.

delicate millefiori bracelet.

clock charm, old metal button and a tortoise to slow things down. i struggle so to get unusual glass beads nowadays.love these blues.

soothing blues. designed around the large foil glass bead. love the little millefiori bead.

hoping to have my camera soon.

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