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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Sunday, November 24, 2013

moving on

a young woman, who over the last few years i've become friends with, is moving on. she had a bead shop, where she gave lessons in beading, art, mosaic, crochet and so much more. she has been a supporter of many creatives, including myself. i'm sad to see her closing up shop, but she studied fine art and would love to pursue her chosen career. i wish her all the luck and much success.

i've managed to keep making pieces regardless of what feels like a killer schedule of late.

feels like i haven't made something like this for ages. it all started with the large disc paper bead that i purchased from lima beads in the us. i added wood beads, small and large discs, faceted agate dyed a blueish grey, as well as preciosa beads. i'm loving my new camera, it takes the most amazing pics.

ever since my sister lindy made a necklace with wooden beads and other things, i've have gone back to wood beads. the fact that they are light make them great for chunky or long necklaces. having said that, here is a bracelet inspired firstly by the turquoise wooden beads and then the large flat oval wooden bead.

when i'm looking for beads for a particular piece and come across something else, that i think could work in another piece, or the bead, focal, charm inspires me, i put it to one side. in this case the inspiration was the green disc beads. they were handmade by a social up-liftment programme. the metal bird was also sitting waiting for inspiration to occur. digging into the box of green beads and voila. i love this green, silver and bronze bracelet. it has glass beads purchased ages ago as well as some interesting charms and separators.

aaah! the salmon/orange coloured beads are from my friend who is closing up shop. they are beads from west africa , i teamed them with royal blue seed beads, some coral and white chain.

the flat polymer clay disc beads were made by makkie. i've combined them with six strands of a mix of glass, shell and seed beads. regae colours?

this bracelet which is the same design as the one above, is styled on the three glass lampwork beads. i'd already made a necklace using all the lampwork beads i had. i recently found some more and have used them in this bracelet coupled with seed, glass and preciosa beads, as well as metal fish.

i'd purchased the pewter heart at a local silver jewellery shop soon after i came out of hospital. as i'd had a close call, i felt that the tearful heart was appropriate. but then i was doing some research and found a necklace similar to this one. i felt the heart would be perfect. it was made and sold two days later.

hope you enjoyed the visit.

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