Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Thursday, November 21, 2013

getting there

well, the floors are done and the study is sorted. the guest room beds still need to be made up and the curtains hung. might have to buy myself another chair for my desk, the wheels on my chair don't roll so well and i don't want to scratch the new floors. there won't be more in my lifetime.

a bit of a change to what i usually do. waxed linen between the polymer clay troll beads. some dyed volcanic rock beads, preciosa beads, that i purchased from shipwreck beads in the usa. the exchange rate is a killer.
joce claimed this before it even left the studio.

this is in a similar vein, just no linen cord. i purchased the carved beads ages ago after a lovely breakfast with caron, one of my oldest friends. i used some of the presiosa beads again, as well as red coral tubes and porcelain beads. i ended up keeping this one.

mmm, blurry and taken with my samsung tablet, which i haven't mastered. crochet cuff using cotton thread, encrusted with glass beads with a wooden button fastener. but hey, i have my new camera, a canon s110. great little camera so better pics to follow soon.

blurry again, the first cuff snapped up by jocelynn. i've already done an order for a turquoise one, pics to follow.

isn't this amazing, nature is incredible. so perfect.oh! pic off the internet.
I did some beading last night, inspiration flowing.

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