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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sad courtyard
Mondays are not my favourite. It's not as if I have to do anything in particular. I know I need to do the washing and I should dust, wash floors etc. I somehow always find other things to do, rather than what I should or what I had planned. I should really have worked on Bevan's pants but I somehow found much more important things to do. We hadn't had any rain for a few days, so I decided to water. We have, about a week ago, had days and days of rain. So much so, that I hardly went into the courtyard. I now find that the snails have had a field day in the petunias and generally the courtyard looks uncared for and sad. I have to do something!

New lettuce plants

After having watered the plants and Bonsai in the courtyard, I then did the plants in the alleyway including the new lettuce plants.
Moved millstone, wood and rocks

I also got carried away with moving bird ponds, pieces of wood and stones.

So all in all a non-achievement day!

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  1. Wow! Its Tuesday today and you still sound down about Monday. Look its your diary/blog and the beauty is that people can rally behind you and share 'there' views and experiences.

    It's no problem! The pants or Mondays.

    About the pants, why don't we arrange a date to get together so I can see how it's done? That way next time you can watch over my shoulder;)

    If Mondays feel like an unproductive days why raise your expectations. Just let it be that way and do what comes through. Why must everything be objective/achievement driven?

    You're retired and taking care of a beautiful grandchild most of the time. That's actually enough and you should embrase that more.

    Procrastination can be curbed with the phrase"Just a few minutes" followed by the action(the difficult part;)

    Dont start too many things before you've finished things. Unfinished tasks actually create auxiety so get to those first. Its difficult but you've got to consolidate your efforts otherwise everything becomes superficial and shallow.

    I looked at blogger platform and you may not have realised it but starting your blog is one hell of a step and achievement.

    There is actual proof that keeping a journal is more beneficial than verbalising issues. Maybe because we can go back and look at them more critically with hindsight. But a blog allows others to comment form a different point of view.

    You've got to look for the little victories.

    I hope this helps.