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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Monday, February 7, 2011


"Dusty Gekho"
 If you're visiting my Blog, HELLO! and thank you.

In progress!!!!!

I started my blog on Saturday the 5th, signed out and then attempted to find the blog through Google Search. To no avail, I had no idea that there were so many blogs and that to get a following was going to involve marketing. No matter, at present I'll use the blog for my own diary. I didn't get much beading done this weekend. I managed to get a necklace completed with one of Bevan's aluminium gekho's and started a retro kind of necklace using this and that. While beading, I try to return unused beads etc to the containers they came out of, but if I'm feeling inspired and really getting going, then this doesn't happen and the leftovers all get tossed in an old tea cup for packing away later. On Saturday evening I sat with the tea cup, sorted though the lot and took out all the beads etc to match a little bell. The work is still in progress.

I planted some lettuce seedlings yesterday, in the alley way on the south side of our property and hope there will be enough sun for them. My little veggie patch is going great. Plenty of Basil, Rocket, Italian Parsely and Celery for us and the tomatoes are starting to ripen. I need to harvest the tomatoes as soon as they get a blush of colour, as the birds are very keen on them. Our garden is full of food for the wild birds, so for them to find the tomatoes is all too easy. What I thought were chillies are ready for harvesting but on chopping one up on  Saturday I found that they did not have the usual chilli burn, perhaps they are Paprika??


My tomatoes

So far Bevan's pants are cut out
 Hoping to make some headway with the pants for Bevan today. These posts are taking me quite a while to do, not so much because of what I want to say but just sorting out where to put the image inserts etc. But I have decided to try and post every day and I'll surely get faster at this.

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  1. Hey Mom
    Great stuff! Yip all this stuff takes time so look at it like a daily diary first and foremost for yourself.
    A following etc will come through in time.
    Glad you started it though.

    Start saving for a Swartbessie/iphone. That will help speed up posting and uploading picture.

    I have found that the 'intension' to keep some sort of routine, does help. There is usually a routine which slips by the way side when things get a bit frantic but we persevere.
    Good luck.