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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Clothing seems to be turning to the feminine and whimsical. I'm not a very close follower of fashion. I know what suits me and then I try and add in a hint of what's available in the stores or go according to the fashion mags. I bought myself this scarf at Mr Price. It's lovely and soft and I liked the lace trim. It also looks pretty on, sort of softens the look of the rest of ones outfit.

My daughter Jocelynn is a strong supporter of my jewellery and nabs pieces that she says she can't go without. Joce also often gives me jewellery or components and asks for a redesign or to make something around a particular component. I'll insert images of the Joce's orders at a later date. The modem in my laptop seems to have packed up. I have to go to Vodocom in the week so they can have a look at it. I'm working on Richard's desktop at the moment and obviously can't access my photos.

In the Crystal Heart necklace, Joce asked me to make a necklace using the crystal cut heart. She gave no specifications but I know that she likes chain and prefers a "Rope" length. I used different types of chain, glass beads with a silver edging and faceted Carnelian rounds. On the one side of the link above the heart, are Czech glass beads hand wired to jump rings and on the other side three charms. Further up the necklace, between chains I've added a circle and again the hand wired Czech beads. One of the links between the chains has a pin through it with more Czech beads. Joce was very taken with the necklace, which made me very happy, as I wasn't so sure about the design.

Crystal Heart
This whole problem with my modem has nearly driven me crazy, as I haven't been able to get onto the Internet since Thursday morning. I had a poor signal, so later in the day when I wanted to access the Internet again and couldn't get a signal I wasn't too worried.  Same storey yesterday, but when I still couldn't get on today, I thought something was up. Anyway, after much trying to puzzle what the problem was, I contacted Vodocom and they said I should try Rich's SIM in my laptop, if it didn't work then it was my modem. So here I am at Rich's PC. He wasn't so happy and kind of hovered protectively, his PC is new.


Here are one of my attempts at using silk cord and ribbon in a necklace. I went all out and even used buttons. The necklace started with the copper ball. The buttons are from my of old button collection. The other balls are marble, I think, I'm not sure though. Some suppliers don't label their goods and the staff don't always know either. The organic shaped stones are probably Agate, but once again I stand corrected. They are interspersed with Egyptian silver.


Rose Tinted
The "Rose Tinted" necklace was designed around the pink glass pendant. This necklace is quited girly and feminine and at a length between "Princess" and Matinee".

Red Rope
Red Rope was made using plenty of red buttons of different hues and sizes. I bought the buttons at a craft shop. They are strung on linen cord and these necklaces take ages to string. I find I need to lay out the design first or things go horribly wrong. 
Wall Flower

The Wall Flower started with the two cylinder beads and the big round glass bead. These three beads lay on my table for days. Then came the new beads I'd bought and everything just came together. The pendant is one of Bevan's, which he made using recycled Aluminium. The new beads are the glass beads with the flowers on. I think the flowers are printed transfers, they are interspersed with glass pearls. The necklace also contains Hematite and orangy red coral.

Bevan's pants I've been making are on the 99, they would have been finished if it hadn't been for the modem problem which kept me busy for hours.

The next order of business is:
  1. To finish the two jerseys that I'm busy with.
  2. To sew the top for myself that is already cut out.
  3. To buy a pattern to make Claire's skirt.
  4. To buy wool for jerseys for the girls, that is, Joce and Claire. It's their turn this year.
  5. To make display holders for the necklaces, so I can peddle my wares.
That's plenty for now. The list in my head is as usual much longer but I'll get there.

P.S If there are grammer and spelling mistakes, tough, my eyes are too tired to go through the text again.


  1. That crystal heart necklace is my favorite, but they're all wonderful!

  2. I'm with Lori, that crystal heart is amazing. I love everything else too. This is my first visit to your blog and love the story about how you got the name Dragon Fodder. I love to read fun stories like that. Have a great week and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. These are amazing. I absolutely love the one with called "Patchwork" ... gorgeous. Very detailed and stunning asymmetrical design takes talent ... which you obviously have!