Dragonfodder Jewellery

Dragonfodder Jewellery

Friday, February 11, 2011


"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." - Unknown.

The tomatoes in one of our veggie patches are ripening at a dizzy rate. I know it seems crazy photographing tomatoes one has grown. Millions of people grow tomatoes. BUT these are special tomatoes. Bevan gets the seeds from people who grow plants for their seed. These are heritage tomatoes. So they are really special. I have five different plants and have tomatoes on all the plants. We are harvesting from three of the plants every day.

Sliced home grown tomatoes

Home grown tomatoes ripening in the window


I'm busy sewing Bevan's pants and am getting along nicely. The pockets and pleats are done and the fronts are tacked to the backs. 

My hand showing the pocket in Bevan's trousers I'm sewing
When something new is introduced to our home, I inevitably move a lot of things around. We were lucky enough to be given a large HD TV (I've no idea of the size). Anyway, this involved our having to purchase a new stand for the TV and the other audio and visual equipment. Then I HAD to introduce ornaments, so these owls were brought from the collection on display in the dining room. The two on the outside are stone and the middle on pottery. I think they look great!

Owls from my collection

Liam, our grandson, who I care for from Tuesday to Friday is getting bigger every day. Now five months and very busy with his toys.  
Liam the sunshine of our lives
This blog has taken three days to publish. I for some unknown reason couldn't get the images into the post. They are "somewhere" in the blog, as I got them from the blog and added them today, EVENTUALLY. In future I'm going to write what I want daily and if I can add the photos I will, otherwise I'll add them as I can. I must be doing something wrong. No worries! I'll just persevere as I'm still learning.

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