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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Wooden Heart
 In time for Valentines Day

"True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." - Unknown

We, that is my husband and I don't celebrate Valentines Day. Probably because we've been together for more that 36 years. Not that Rich was much interested in Valentines Day before we were married. Rich is not a romantic at all, so Valentines Day has been very much a non-event in my adult life. So sad, as I'm a romantic. But no matter. The necklace with the wooden heart was made recently. The wooden heart pendant was given to me by Mary-Jane the woman who shampoos my hair at the hairdresser. It was so sweet of her to remember that I make jewellery and especially sweet of her considering her financial situation. She actually gave me another larger wooden heart and some other bits and bobs. I've used both hearts and the smaller stuff is still in my stash. The other components in the necklace are jade, ceramic, wood and Egyptian silver. Elvis Presley produced a love song called "Wooden Heart". I'm not sure it was his originally and has been done by other artists since.
Birds On Wire

This necklace was made using a pendant that I made. Well, I made the mold for the pendant, Bevan made the pendant from recycled aluminium and polished it up for me. I've plenty of practicing to do as my mold was a lot less than perfect. But I'm still very pleased with how it came out. It depicts birds on wires. I used clay beads, amber, coral, turquoise and a lamp work bead.

Fish Tale

This was made yesterday afternoon but the design has been simmering for a day or two. I wanted to use the fish pendant and the slate blue buttons with the bubble or spot pattern. The entire necklace was designed around these two elements. There are more red buttons, lamp work beads, shell pearls and various different bits of chain. It's long but can be shortened by fastening the clasp elsewhere on the chain.

I bought the Azurite beads from Pearls & Beads in Lynnwood. They have the most amazing peacock like colour. The crochet covered beads come from Bead Some More in Waterkloof Glen and the polymer clay "Troll" bead from Beads Direct. I frequent these bead shops as they are in the vicinity. As with a lot of pieces I make, this necklace can also be worn with the crocheted beads on either side or in the centre. The fastener is a beaded loop and buttons.

I've now have to get into the garden and dead head my Basil which is starting to seed. The Marigolds also need to be dead headed. I'd like to make some Basil Pesto, I found a great recipe using Basil, Mint, Pine Nuts and of course Olive Oil.

I also want to do some more sewing on Bevan's pants. Joce gave me a picture of a necklace she liked and I'm going to try and make something similar, as she didn't like everything about the necklace. It's also mass produced which probably put her off. So with the million and one things whirling around in my head off I go. 

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