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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Moonshine Elephant

I have been following a number of blogs for about three years. Every now and again the jewellery or beading blogs have what they call a Bead Soup Party. As I understand the party is arranged by one person. Everyone interested has to contact this person. She then pairs the entrants. The beads etc to be bought or made are specified, e.g. a clasp, a focul and beads etc. The paired entrants send each other their choices. The entrants then have to make a piece or pieces of jewellery with what they have been sent, they are also sometimes allowed to use some of their own beads to round off the piece/s. The entrants are given a reveal date. On that date all the completed pieces are revealed. The latest BSP's reveal date was the 26th of Feb, there were 210 entrants and I'm still making my way though them all. So far, the pieces have been beautiful and it's amazing what the entrants have come up with.

Jocelynn often tests me in this way. Joce gave me two bracelets with elephants and asked me to make a necklace, as she felt she would get more wear out of a necklace, she loved the elephants. The tassle was also part of what Joce supplied, as well as some of the chain. I added an oval Moonstone and Moonstone chips, Voila! Joce loves the necklace and it looks great on her. The Pearly Butterfly bracelet came about when Joce saw a bracelet she wanted, which neither of us could afford, hence this creation, which is also one of her favourites. Joce loves long chains and fancied a key and a lot of charms. She chose the charms from the my stash, I added a bell, the drop shaped pendant made from buttons and bead caps, we have Charmed Key.

Pearly Butterfly

Charmed Key
Bevan in his completed "swe swe" pants. If anyone is wondering they aren't supposed to be "smart" pants they are made for relaxing in. The "swe swe" material becomes lovely and soft with age. His posing here with Felix their cat. Claire had to take the photo, I insisted I needed one.

I bought the Elna sewing machine in April last year and Richard named it Elna the White Elephant, as it has taken me so long to actually make use of it.
Bevan & Felix

We delivered Bevan's pants on Sunday and had lunch with Bevan and Claire. Below are Bevan's chickens, which are almost like his children. They love the patio and the bench and windowsill. They'd probably be inside given half the chance. The roosters name is Randy, the hens have diffent names, I can't tell them apart but one of them is called Rose and she is a bit slow, (a bird brain).

Photographing them was quite something as they don't stand still for a second. They are quite entertaining. Bevan and Claire live on a smallholding. Horses often feed in the field and Guinea Fowl are regular visitors. Visiting them is like going away for the weekend to a farm. Very relaxing.

Randy the rooster

Randy & one of the girls