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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Compelled - Compulsion

I often wonder why I can't just be. I have a friend that can just be. She has not worked since she had her first child, almost thirty years ago. Financially, she has not had to work and has never felt the need to do anything else, other than be a good Mom and wife. She's intelligent and a lovely person. Both her children have left home and she is content with doing the housekeeping and playing the odd game of golf. No knitting, sewing, art work or any other craft. She does read novels but doesn't buy any magazines.

I on the other hand, am not happy unless I've got too much on the boil. I love doing so many things and have this need to always be achieving something.

When I started this blog, I'd decided that I needed to post every day and to record what I'd achieved every day. Easier said than done.

More jewellery went to Joce's salon last week and pieces sold again. I love it when the jewellery sells, but am also sad, as I'll never see that piece again. I wear a lot of the jewellery I make prior to marketing it. Wearing the jewellery allows me to see how it fits and if it's easy and comfortable to wear.

What went to the shop. A mixture of necklaces and earrings. Below are the necklaces. A variety of lengths, styles and pendants. The glass pendants in Wild @ Heart, Sea Glass and Watersign are by Martini Glass. The wooden heart was a gift, the fossil heart and butterfly were purchases from bead shops. The Hip pendant is a ceramic disc meant for mosaic. Amazed is the most beautiful Agate.

Butterfly & matching earrings


Fossil Heart

Wild @ Heart - Sold R350.

Sea Glass



  And sold last week. Wild @ Heart to someone who I thought would never buy a necklace. This bracelet also went.

China - Sold R150.
Joce has asked for more bracelets. She wanted slightly more neutral colours and designs. Some of my work is colourful and too "out there" for some of her clients. Most of these were made on Saturday night. I wanted to do 10 but have not quite got there. I also filled more bezels on Monday, the public holiday.

 I wanted to show individual pics of the bracelets and bezels but the pics are taking ages to download. I need to get Bevan to help me with Photo Shop so I can reduce the size, so they will download quicker.

The artworks in the bezels are clockwise from the top left, Peter van Straten with an added bunny and buttons. This is a number of cuttings from a card made by Sharon of Live Wire Jewellery livewirejewellery.blogspot.com. From a card by Sam Toft. A picture by Anine Barnard in which the bird, cat and flowers have been repositioned. A picture by Liekie, I can't remember her surname and will add the same ASAP. My apologies if Liekie or anyone who knows her sees this blog post. A gift tag to which I added moths and cotton lace.

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