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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Friday, March 4, 2011


Eighty Eight

Inspiration can come from many things. For me, it is usually the beads themselves or a particular pendant, sometimes it's something in a magazine or on someone or something someone else has made. Lori Anderson of Pretty Things http://prettythingsblog.com made a necklace using loads of creamy coloured Mother Of Pearl buttons, interspersed with a few red beads and a key pendant. I immediately knew that I wanted to make the same necklace. Unfortunately, I don't have loads of creamy buttons, we also don't have a lot of thrift shops in Pretoria. So, it had to be second best. Of course I couldn't wait, I had to start immediately. I had a largish link brass chain but not enough brass wire, I didn't have enough buttons of one colour. Luckily, I had an old rusty key that I found at a seaside market in Port Elizabeth, more than a year ago. So the necklace had to have a brass chain and the buttons were wired with copper wire, no 20 gauge, so 16 had to do. I chose autumn shades for the buttons, as they are what I had the most of. Not enough though, so off I had to go to the art and craft shop on Wednesday afternoon. They sell small packets of mixed buttons, luckily they are packed in different shades. The necklace took eighty eight buttons. Very time consuming but I love the necklace and it looks super on. Thanks so much Lori for concenting to my using your design.

This is the second time I've made this bracelet. The first time, I used three of the tube glass beads, interspersed with the silver discs. Three beads looked a sparse, so I added a fourth and some more charms. Now I'm happy with the piece and it looks great on.

Shimmering Sea

The inspiration for Shimmering Sea came from the two beads covered in linen cord. The pendant is a shell I found on the beach in Port Elizabeth. Bevan bought me a drill bit with a diamond head, so now I can drill through shells and ceramic without fear of cracking them. I used Moonstone sticks, discs and ovals, white potato Pearls, glass discs, shell and smoky class bicons. A button and a silver fish bead, silver chain and a Signoretti clasp.

Haven't done much else aside from looking after Liam, going to gym and watering the garden. Even with the leaves falling it can't be Autumn with 31 degrees Celsius. It's burning hot in the sun. So instead of doing the March garden things, I'm hiding inside.

I'm going shopping with Claire tomorrow for a skirt pattern for her, as well as a knitting pattern and wool. I'll also get wool for a jersey for Joce. Then I'll have plenty to do while I watch TV in the evening. 

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  1. That button necklace ROCKS! You did great! I'd love to see more more more!