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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Friday, March 11, 2011


I haven't been here since Saturday. The rest of the weekend was busy. We had supper at Joce & Simon on Saturday and the men watched the rugby. I started Joce's jersey but didn't get very far. Sunday I had to shoot off to the shops for some groceries. We had Lindy, Celio, Alexander and Mom for lunch. Ruby came with, she has grown so much and is the dearest dog, typical puppy.

From Monday I became scattered. This has happened to me my whole life, but I only really notice it now as I don't have deadlines. There is no one I HAVE to do anything for. This is probably the singularly greatest thing about being retired. Mondays, if I'm not blue, are really special, as I have the day to myself. When I become scattered, I never do anything I set out to do. I haven't made one piece of jewellery. Monday I spent the day potting around the garden, knitting and watching Vampire Diaries, which Simon had recorded for me.

Tuesday was not very different. In the morning, my car was towed to the service centre to have the V-belt etc repaired. In the afternoon, I cared for Liam. And did more knitting. Wednesday was not a lot better. Liam was with me in the morning, in the afternoon I watched recordings of Fringe. We collected my car in the late afternoon and she is purring again. 
Joce's jersey

Thursday, off to collect a sewing pattern that I'd ordered and then my new spectacles. I think they look great. A lot lighter coloured in the frame than my last pair. I also fetched Liam from Joce's salon as she went in earlier than usual. It was so hot in the late afternoon that Liam and I sat in the garden. I managed to get a look at my new Elle Decoration while Liam sat cooing in this pram. I've been a bit slow with Joce's jersey, aside from the 162 stitches, it's a cable pattern. Not difficult but if I don't pay attention, I make mistakes and have had to pull out rows more than once.

Once Liam had left on Thursday, I continued to stay in the garden until Rich got home at 17h30. I had the camera with me, as birds come to the water under the fig tree, in the late afternoon. I missed a Black Collared Barbet in the first photo and then managed to get a snap of the Cape Robin. You'll have to click on the pic to get a closer view. The owl mobile was made from mother of pearl owls, my sister Glynis gave me the mobile years ago. When I talk about years, I mean about 20. The mobile has obviously been remade more than once over the years but somehow the mother of pearl survives.


Mother of Pearl mobile

Cape Robin

They showed a picture of a retro garden chair in the Elle Decoration, I have eight of them in my garden. This was our first garden furniture, about 32 years ago and still going strong.

Sprouts in the wormery
So now it's Friday and all I've managed to do so far, is sew up the shoulder seams of my one jersey. Liam arrived at about 07h45. At about 10h00 I decided to have a look at CNN. (I like to know what's happening in the world.) You can imagine my horror to discover that Japan had experienced an earthquake of 8.9 and a tsunami. I've watched on and off since then, the devastation is incredible, those poor people.

This is for Bev, remember the phone call about whether I could put Butternut peels and pips in the wormery. This is what it looked loke this morning.

Here is a picture of "The Secret". I painted this in acrylics while we were away in November last year. The pic has been on my Face Book page. Bevan had to help me, as she looked like a Geisha girl at one stage. She is hanging the guest room at present. I was thinking of having her framed? The picture got it's title from Pearl, Claire's Mom. While the painting was in progress, Pearl said she looked like she had a secret.

The Secret

I was dianosed with burnout in July 2009 and spent a month off work. While I was off, it was recommened I read Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I'd started both books but didn't get very far. Probably just too exhausted. Seeing that I've been feeling scatty lately, I think I'll go back to them.

Still wading through The Winner Stands Alone. I refuse to read anything else till this book is finished.

Maybe when I post again, I'll have settled and have been more productive.

P.S if you're thinking I could have finished off the oval stone in the heading picture (it's chipped on one end) I have added bead caps to hide the chip, but have not taken a new photo.


  1. I'm posting my own comment. I'm not as computer literate as I'd like to be and sometimes I stuggle for ages getting the post to look like I want it to. The pictures are small this time, as I had a hell of a time getting them where I wanted them. Still not right once publised. Damn.

  2. I am incredibly scattered lately. And I can't afford to be, with a huge show coming up in less than two weeks. I don't know what the cause is!

  3. Hey!

    Just saw your comment.

    Here's the book:

    Pricey! But worth it. I have a copy that I'll post in my shop soon... for about the half the price of the ones currently up for grabs, but I think that the shipping might be killer.