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Dragonfodder Jewellery

Saturday, March 5, 2011


It's only 15h25 and I've had the most super day.

Delft - Sold (R180)
Joce has been nagging me to leave my jewellery at her salon. She is a Nail Technician, her customers all have the most beautiful nails. She works in both acrylic and gel.

Anyway, yesterday we decided that today is the day, no more excuses about display stands etc. The jewellery just had to have a preview place. Joce wears Dragon Fodder Jewellery and her customers are always asking to see more.

The display went up at 09h00 and by 14h00 Joce had sold the three items pictured.
The Delft bracelet is brass chain, charms, blue delft beads, red glass beads, opaque white, faceted diamond shaped beads and red shell discs.
The Precious Rose necklace is made of silver metal chain, the rose pendant is made from recycled aluminium and was made by Bevan (my son). There are also Moonstone discs and chips, Feldspar Octagonal pieces, shell pearls, Swarofski Crystals and clear polished glass discs.
Stoned Lilac has been favourite of mine for ages. I could never understand why so many people admired it and no one bought it. The aluminium Jacaranda blossoms were made by Bevan, there are seed beads, glass beads, Wild Turquoise and Fluorite chips. The rectangular foil glass bead is wire wrapped with Fluorite and seed beads.

Stoned Lilac (background hand carved by Bevan)
Stoned Lilac - Sold (R400)

Precious Rose - Sold (R850)

Claire's pattern and Swe swe material in the background
SHOPPING SPREE As planned, Claire (my daughter in-law) and I went shopping for a skirt pattern, knitting pattern and wool.
I had a super time, I love looking at sewing patterns. Claire found a skirt pattern she liked. This is for the Swe swe material she had already bought. I'm going to sew the skirt with the button detail. I chose my type of buttons and Claire hers. We'll see what we use when the skirt is completed.

Close up of skirt and buttons (for Bevan to see)

I wanted Claire to have a look at the Vogue designer patterns as they are really special and cutting edge, no pun intended.
 My buttons are the pink and orange. I love OTT and Off The Wall.

The Vogue designer pattern

We bought the pattern for the pants but both love the jacket as well and will make these when Claire gets the material. Claire's not a crazy shopper like me (a good thing) and her head is probably still spinning. Claire took me for coffee and cake afterwards.

My pattern and stunning material

Claire bought this pattern for me and I just could not resist the material. So many stunning colours and patterns. I'm going to make the top on the top left.

Joce's pattern and yarn

Then off to the haberdashery for knitting patterns and yarn. Joce knew what she wanted. I couldn't find the exact pattern, so have settled for the maternity pattern, which is easily adjustable.

Claire had an idea of what she wanted, but there were no such patterns. So this is what I steam-rolled Claire into.

Claire's pattern & yarn. I thing the hoddie jersey is going to be stunning
Choosing the yarn was not easy, they didn't have enough of the yarn that we wanted for either of the  jerseys. So Claire's jersey is out of the yarn I wanted for Joce and Joce has the same kind of yarn, only a lighter blue colour. They both have blue eyes so the colours will be great.

I now have so much to do. I know what I want to do, immediately start the new stuff but that's not allowed. I first have to complete my two jerseys which are on the 99, then the top which I've just begun. Then I can start on Claire's skirt. I do the knitting at night in front of the TV. Then I don't imbibe in wine, the hands are too busy. Can't fiddle with my nails either, another plus.

My car broke down just as we got home. The fan belt broke. NOT SUPER but the car has been making a strange noise for a time now, probably was the belt going. But not much could spoil this super day. It was great spending time alone with Claire. Thanks doll.


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  1. i agree super day had by all; but boy you do have many projects in the pipeline now. Just love the material you chose for yourself and i like the buttons with the orange for Clartjie's skirt. Did you ever buy that overlocker? LLxx